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Nkosi Sikelel’ i-Who?

Now, it’s not exactly a *high five* moment that Ard Matthews (of Just Jinger fame) managed to forget the words to Nkosi Sikelel’ iafrika, our NATIONAL ANTHEM last night after the Bok Selection on live TV. (Never trust a Jinjer)

What IS a High-five moment is the lol-fest that has emerged as South Africans unite in their bemused outrage. (Yes, yes. Ard apologised. Yes, yes – we forgive him (kind of) BUT if you are a performer and your entire job is to perform – of course people have a right to mock you when you mess up a performance.)

(in case you are under a rock, here is the link to the youtube of the moment)

Twitter exploded, first with indignation, then with humour… it was a thing of beauty. We united. No news is good news, and BAD news – is good twitter.

The advertisers followed suit today with GEMS like these:


*High five* to Nando’s,Klipdrift & Savanna (And to the selected Boks)

And a last epic Jumping high five to all South Africans who KNOW the Anthem!

*High Five*



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