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Mandela’s on the Money!

We knew the Rhino was endangered. But what if I were to tell you that the Lion, the Elephant, the Buffalo and the Leopard (as well as the rhino) were all set to be extinct by the end of 2012.

Hold the phone. No need to call WWF in terror. It’s our money that’s going extinct.

Soon to be extinct.

But fear not. No need to book those tickets to Australia. Our beloved father of the Nation is coming in to save the day.

The announcement was made on Saturday 11th February 2012. 22 years to the day, since Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Our Tata Madiba will now replace the big 5 on all 5 of our bank-notes.

I think this is a wonderful idea. Big five to HIGH-FIVE.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mandela's on the money!

Look at that little secret smile on his face. I bet he’s smiling in anticipation of all the pairs of boobs he’s going to be hidden between.

Talk about ‘All about the Benjamins’ – now we have our own slang. It’s all about the Rolihlahlas – I’m off to earn the Madibas.

JZ "Big Pimpin with all the Madeebs."

This is the first time our money will change since 1992. When we left behind the Dutch flowing locks of Mr. Jan Van Riebeeck for the diplomatically chosen animals of the big 5. Thank goodness our cool factor has been upped yet again from the Pantene Haired dutchman.

I think it’s high time for a *high-five*

Remember these? Old Van Riebeeck Doth posses no swag.

If we didn’t love Mandela enough, as a nation before. Just think how much we will love the sight of his face now. In our wallet. In old coat pockets long forgotten only to surprise us on a rainy day…. Peeking at us from above a stripper’s thong.

Our Tata, soon to be seen between stripper's Ta-Tas.

*High Five Tata*



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