World’s most downloaded Male Model

I have a lot of male model friends. In fact a lot of my closest friends are male models. This is something I can say with a slight pucker of the lips and nod of the head. Hell yeah. Poppin bottles and chilling with models. Take that feminism. Objectification works both ways!

But in all seriousness. Aside from being really, really, ridiculously good-looking they are some of the nicest people I know. And even my (non-model) male friends have gotten to know them and realised that whilst they do spend SOME time staring at their reflections in spoons, and take more on their hair than I do – the rest of the time is spent being awesome.

One of my best friends - Zeke.

Zeke over there is also a very talented photographer and has been one of my best friends since we met at a braai in 2007 and bonded over our mutual love of The Beatles and live music. He’s been there to pick me up when I got my heart broken, send me funny texts when I’m bored, listen when I need to rant – He even cheered me up with a framed photo that he took in Thailand of the Thai coke bottles on the back of a tuk-tuk. Because he knew how happy Thailand makes me, after a particularly bad break-up.

The thing about Zeke is that he pops up EVERYWHERE in print. In airport billboards in England, magazines in Germany, computer game adverts in Asia… even inside the Kulula magazine that I’m on the cover of – The article I did with Loyiso Bala – on the left hand side of it – BAM there’s Zeke waving his hands looking mighty happy. The website I write for moneysmart even has a photo of Zeke on their community pages. In a nice multiracial group – laughing at camera. He’s a dad, a cop, a tennis player and a host of other hilarities that make me and all those that know him peal over in fits of giggles every time he’s spotted.

That’s what makes this youtube so much more hilarious. That.

My friend Brian from Denmark.

And the fact that two of my other favourite people are male models from Denmark. I swear I have never met a bad looking person from Denmark. On all my travels through Asia and South East Asia – all the back-packers encountered. Every remotely beautiful person was a Dane.

The guy in this YouTube is the MOST downloaded man on the internet. AKA – Zeke aint got nothing on him… He’s Danish. Obviously.

The Best bits of this video is how the photographer old-guy seems to be hitting on the model dude. And everything he says crashes and burns. In his defense though, the model dude seems to be a huge douche and very odd… This is not so for the other danish guys I know. And now – because we can all do with eye candy – and because I miss them… here are a few other lovely (straight) male models that I’ve called friends… (another reason why I love my life)

Objectification of the Fairer sex … word!

Aquilles from Brazil. (Pronounced Achilles... yes. like the god. Naturally)

Christian from Austria - Possibly one of the happiest most witty people I've ever known.

Kasper from Denmark. Yet another Great Dane. An intelligent, soft natured human.

Sam from England. My closest friend for a summer.

Yoav from Israel. Phwoar....! (and he knew it)

Remko from Holland. The good kind of Dutchmen.

*High Five for Abs*

This youtube crossed my path thanks to @ThatsMeAngela on Twitter.


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Save Water, Shower with a Friend

My latest column for moneysmart:

Saving Money has never been more Gay.

Gone are the days of old when people bathed once or twice a month, and were sewn into their underwear to survive the cold of winter. I think I can speak for all of our nostrils (and health statuses) when I say that thankfully we are in a much cleanlier era. However, just because water gushes out of the wall in a miracle of science at the turn of a knob– doesn’t mean we should abuse this right.

The government, celebrities, Green Peace and documentary filmmakers are all screaming about conserving the world’s resources– like water. Yes. We care. But look at it as saving MONEY and suddenly we care a lot more. The environmental thing is an added bonus.

A bath uses three times more water than a shower!

Well, we South Africans don’t need to be reminded of the merit of a good shower. Our president even sings their praises (oh, I went there). This doesn’t mean you should stand under the hot rain guilt free. A 5 minute shower uses 60 litres of water. What really takes longer than 5 minutes to wash? If you’re shaving your legs or leaving on hair conditioner turn the water off while you do it.

Even better- shower with a friend! (Showering with strangers might get risky)…. read more


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29 by 29 and Thai High Fives.

This is a random high five all round. For innovation, dreams and creative people being rad (to me).

I made a list of 29 things I wanted to do before I was 29.

One of them was to test drive a luxury sports car.

Due to a host of reasons, illness, deadlines, work and laziness not being the least of which – I didn’t manage to finish them all before the big day.

Now this is why I love the Simply Asia PR team: They have launched their campaign where you can win a trip to Thailand. (Yes, you click here) and as part of their campaign launch they approached a few of us blogging/socially media types to be part of it. (More about that in days to come.) But the attention to personal detail and little quirks is beyond any campaign I’ve ever seen.

On Air at 2oceansvibe Radio

They arrived at the 2oceansvibe Radio station this Friday during our 2 girls 1 mic broadcast. With a REAL Thai lady… who spoke my 10 words of Thai with me and presented me with a pizza box that opened up into a Thai explosion. Berry berry schneaky! Part of their campaign is to ‘Think Thai” when you’re craving take out… don’t go for the greasy pizza or fatty burger, but rather the light and delicious Thai. It’s no secret that my favourite food is Thai so I was a very happy bunny with Thai Cashew chicken noodles in the box as well as all the info and intel I need to best arm my noggin with the Think Thai Campaign. They even brought a meal for my radio co-host, Kamini.

Sawadeekah Nang faah "hello Angel"

Honestly one of the best campaign launches I’ve seen.

Om nom nom.

With meticulous personal detail right down to the fact that they had clearly paid attention to who I was and read my blog including my 29 before 29 list. Because on the top right of the activation letter (telling me the terms and conditions of the ‘Hunger Games’ we’re engaging in where we can win a trip to THAILAND!) they included this image of sign language:

Angel Thinks Thai. Yes I do.

Learning 10 things in sign language was on my 29 list. Aww you guys!

I also had “test Drive a Luxury Car” and because the campaign is THINK THAI the clever people from Simply Asia brought me a Vespa to test drive… Because in Thailand, a Vespa is a luxury vehicle.

How adorable are they? How cool do I look in a helmet?

Scooter on over

So, we played a few tracks on air to give me time to be taken for a joy-ride by Michael, the Vespa guy.

Don't wait up!

I have to give everyone epic high-fives. That was so cool and thoughtful. And it definitely got me Thinking Thai. I can feel it in my blood. Although, my scooter was somewhat less impressive when I lived in Thailand:

Three's company.

If I win i’m taking my roommate, award winning actor & comedian Siv Ngesi. Imagine the stories, the comedy the chaos as an actor and a comedian, one black, one white get unleashed onto the Thai world…It sounds like the script of an epic movie…  and you KNOW we’ll tweet and blog every step of the way – but more on that very soon.

*Thai high five*

To find out how to enter to win your OWN trip to Thailand, click here

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“Hologram if you Hear me” – Tupac

For those of you who haven’t seen the much debated TuPac at the Coachella video – here it is. Creepy.

“I’ve seen a lot of people discussing the Tupac hologram and debating if it’s disrespectful to him. I personally think we’re losing sight of what’s really important here… we’re one step closer to having holographic strippers in our living rooms!”

The possibilities are endless. The Future is here, just short one times flying cars. The rumour mill has churned out that THIS man might be next:

Jackie Jackson says the idea of a holographic Michael Jackson (above) had been considered for his Cirque du Soleil show.

Tupac Shakur’s hologram was such a thriller at Coachella, the late King of Pop could be next.

One of Michael Jackson’s brothers told E! News that a hologram of the much-beloved gloved one is a serious possibility for the 2013 concert tour he’s planning with brothers Jermaine, Tito and Marlon.

“It could have Michael – absolutely,” Jackie Jackson told E! “Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As a matter of fact, we had that idea two years ago for Michael’s Cirque du Soleil show.”

Last weekend’s dazzling display, which projected Shakur’s ghostly visage on a clear Mylar panel and stunned Coachella attendees, reportedly took months of preparation and piles of cash to pull off.

It’s not a planned part of the Jackson brothers’ summer Unity Tour, which stops at the Apollo on June 28.

The visual-effects company that helped resurrect Shakur for the southern California music festival declined to comment Wednesday on a possible partnership with the Jacksons, hinting that Coachella fans had another surprise in store.

“We’re not commenting at all right now out of respect for the attendees of Coachella this coming weekend,” AV Concepts spokeswoman Jennifer Alexander told The News.


I think that would be absolutely EPIC!

*Moonwalking high-five*

Read more:

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Think Thai

If you know me at all. You’d know that Thailand is my absolute favourite place in the world.

2008 My First day in Thailand ever. One Night in Bangkok.

(After South Africa, obviously)

I’ve been there 3 times and even lived there for a stint, on Phuket Island (which is fun to say…and be on.) My name, Angel in Thai is Nang-Faah and I also know Muay Thai so don’t upset me unless you’d like my toe print on your cheek.

Thai Guys kindly re-enacting what they call "The Angel Kick" which I invented... in a time machine, and taught to them in days of old. Beware.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be tweeting and releasing blog posts to show you why I “Think Thai” and why YOU should too.

I love the People, the Language, the sounds, the cultures and above all – THE FOOD!

But First a video – from January 2009 – the second time I was in Thailand.

I had been training at a Muay Thai camp for a week, and my new best friend Camilla from Denmark, who I’d met at the Camp, and I decided to take the 2 hr speedboat ride out to Koh Phi Phi – the Island where they filmed ‘The Beach”. We (of course) went out till 5am the night before and our speedboat left at 7am… so after 1 hour’s sleep. We headed off to paradise – hungover and drunk.

Best day ever. Even including the fact that I got my nose broken.

#ThinkThai follow #SimplyAsia @simplyasia_sa to find out more about what I’m doing this for.

And  like them on Facebook

 YOU could win a trip for 2 to Thailand – make your OWN youtube memories. Go here:
I’ve made a new tab on my site –  #ThinkThai at the top. Check there for competition updates and my #ThinkThai contributions :)

*High Five*


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Olympics True Heroes

Well, this random high five of awesome goes to P&G for their #ThankYouMama campaign around the 2012 Olympics. Their theory is to honour all moms because they are the first hero most children have.

If you’re one of those people who cries when the contestant makes it through on Pop Idols and runs to hug their families, then I can’t WAIT for you to watch this YouTube. I cried. Proper cry.

I want everyone in the world to see this video. It makes me so happy.

There are very few things that can hit every one of my heartstrings so perfectly as to play this beautiful tune that makes tears roll out of my sarcastic, witty eyes  as:

1.Personal victory

2. Achievement in front of a crowd

3. Public adoration

… and

4. A mother’s pride.

*High Five P&G * – what a great campaign.

They promise that this is just the beginning so follow them on Twitter at @ThankYouMamaSA or Like them on Facebook to to see what else they have up their sleeves.

And if you’re lucky enough to still have your mom… Say thank you.

*High Five*

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Bitches Love Biscuits

If you haven’t heard the newest craze-song to hit the internet then (you clearly don’t listen to my radio show) and where have you been?!

Luckily. You can stop panicking. It’s here, on my blog for your convenience.


Written by and featuring 3 of SA’s top young comedians, Lazola Gola (yes, the other Gola) Mojak Lehoko and Robby Collins. (in order that their voices feature on the track) they make up the trio ‘Ride or Die’ – as you can see below, they neither speak, hear or see anything other than swag.

Robby Collins, Lazola Gola and Mojak Lehoko. #RideOrDie

After the track dropped it pretty much trended on twitter. If it weren’t for that Bieber boy, ipad3, Charlie Sheen, #thatawkwardmoment tweets and something about a little kitten… it would probably have been in the top ten. Possibly.

It hit soundcloud’s download limit in 24hrs… maybe their download limit is only a hundred, maybe it’s a hundred thousand. We can’t prove either. It’s not important. Just be impressed.

Some say the Baker’s Man is behind this phenomenon. Some say it’s the pillsbury doughboy himself. Others say that the SA president commisioned the track, coz if anyone knows what bitches love – it’s JZ.

All I know is that bitches do love biscuits. Let it echo through the land.


Tweet me with the hashtag and mention @20vfm to get more airtime for #rideordie #bitcheslovebiscuits.


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