Moving House

Dear – you’ve been grand. But I’ve moved on up to a dot com address! *high five*

I’ve packed up all the posts and comments of the past year on this site… and moved in on over with the help of web guru and friend Cameron Olivier.

Moving Boxes even have time for a High Five

Everything that you love will be there. Only better.

It’s basically the same as upgrading your fake Louis Vuitton handbag, bought for under a hundred bucks in the back alleys of Bangkok with a real one, bought in Paris. NO ONE KNOWS. But you know. And somehow, in some universe, that makes you cooler. Plus. You can smell the real leather. Doesn’t it smell better than the plastic smell of sweat-shop worker’s tears? Well. that’s debateable.

Pack your bags and shuffle off to you might want to update that address to your bookmarks too ;)

See you there, cyber traveller.

*high five*

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