30 Best Training Songs Ever

Winter is apon us. That means no more hiking, beaching and need to wear bikinis… This also means we need to retreat into gyms if we don’t want to turn into sloths by next summer.

As you may or may not know, I fight Muay Thai, I learnt it when I lived in Thailand at Suwit Muay Thai in Phuket. Here in Cape Town I train at Dragon Power Gym under Winston and Quentin Chong. (Yet another reason why I always THINK THAI <— Promo plug, wink wink)

Me Training in Thailand... note the DENT from my KICKS... hoo raah!

To punch bags takes a lot of ‘eff you mother effer’ tracks… i found this epic compilation of the 30 best training songs ever.

Just this 15min sample youtube is enough to make me want to run to gym, up a flight of stairs, scream ‘Adriaan’ in the rain and teep kick the door down when i get there…

I dig it. It’s very “American Gangster” influenced, but that’s ‘fighter’. I’m interested. – What are some of YOUR favourite work out songs?

#Think Thai


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6 responses to “30 Best Training Songs Ever

  1. @writing_ninja

    *high five*
    This was an “egte” conundrum for me a few weeks ago. And while I’m naturally a rock chick with an adulterous ear for dubstep (sometimes), I find that it’s the more dance/house kind of music that puts the fuel in my veins to go for 10 more reps, or push for 2 more kays on the elliptical. It must be the 110 bpm (or whatever) of that particular genre, but I just love the temple-pounding, sweaty-faced endorphin rush that accompanies each fade-out.

    Thank god I exercise at home.

    Anyway – great article. I love the seasonal slant, cos like, who needs a mother-effing water bottle when you have a workout routine to some ball-breaking choons?

  2. Travis

    When I’m punching a bag I can def see the rock music getting me in the zone but hip hop irritates me, I’d rather mix the Rock and some hard Drum and Base. Kick ass blog!

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