Save Water, Shower with a Friend

My latest column for moneysmart:

Saving Money has never been more Gay.

Gone are the days of old when people bathed once or twice a month, and were sewn into their underwear to survive the cold of winter. I think I can speak for all of our nostrils (and health statuses) when I say that thankfully we are in a much cleanlier era. However, just because water gushes out of the wall in a miracle of science at the turn of a knob– doesn’t mean we should abuse this right.

The government, celebrities, Green Peace and documentary filmmakers are all screaming about conserving the world’s resources– like water. Yes. We care. But look at it as saving MONEY and suddenly we care a lot more. The environmental thing is an added bonus.

A bath uses three times more water than a shower!

Well, we South Africans don’t need to be reminded of the merit of a good shower. Our president even sings their praises (oh, I went there). This doesn’t mean you should stand under the hot rain guilt free. A 5 minute shower uses 60 litres of water. What really takes longer than 5 minutes to wash? If you’re shaving your legs or leaving on hair conditioner turn the water off while you do it.

Even better- shower with a friend! (Showering with strangers might get risky)…. read more



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