Savanna – It’s Dry But you can spray it.

Well, isn’t this just a hilarious little leak. Spotted first by Life is Savage from the headquarters of Savanna themselves.

Looks like the alcohol brand who’s famous slogan is “it’s dry but you can drink it” have taken their DRY to another level. Savanna deodorant. WHAT!?

Ok, i have a few questions. Number one. Does it smell like apples and lemons? or alcohol? Is it for men or woman? Because demographically woman buy Savanna in bars more often, but men like alcohol more.

Also. It’s dry, but you can DRINK it – now get’s associated with sweat? Eww Savanna, ewww.

Imagine other beers jump on board.

Hunters Dry – well that’s probably affiliated with Axe… gettit? Coz Hunters use axes to kill the big bad wolf. Har dee har.

Black Label – Black like me?

Castle Lager – Smell like a prince?

Amstel – well… I’m running out of ideas here.

Perhaps Savanna just got too drunk and thought this would be a good idea? STOP SAVANNA, there are lot’s of people with “i love whats-her-name” tatoos who can vouch for the stupidity of drunk decisions. However. It does show the brand has a sense of humour.

But we knew that already.

Savanna's respose when cricket captain, Graeme Smith announced his engagement. Classic!

As a teen I used to collect their magazine adverts and stick ’em on my bedroom wall. Thus further honing my comedic brain… and now I’m a comedian… and Savanna’s a beauty product producer? How times change.

*Savanna. It’s dry but you really shouldn’t sniff it.*

Stick to Comedy and I’ll stick to Drinking your alcohol.

That’s symbiosis. Biology high five!


Nice one Savanna. check out their reveal here


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