Moneysmart Column. Budget V-day

I write a weekly column for the moneysmart website.

This week it’s about Valentines day – BUDGET

Like the rhino in our game parks, the rhino on our money is endangered. And I don’t mean in light of the recent announcement that the Big Five are being replaced by Madiba by the end of 2012 on our National reserve. No, they were a dying breed in all of our bank accounts long before. This thanks to a global recession, mixed with a healthy dose of Christmas consumerism and holiday joy.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back to our local malls, Valentine’s Day attacks us like a money hungry ninja. (If said ‘ninja’ was clad in pink and red ribbons, dipped in sugar and engraved with cheesy rhyming love poems.)

February is the month of Budgets here on moneysmart. So here is a list of ways to spoil your loved-one on a budget, whilst still managing to make yourself look creative and thoughtful.

READ MORE on the moneysmart page here.


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