Glee-full ‘Pre-Teenage Dream’

If you need to know one thing about me, it’s that I love Glee. I love it shamelessly and completely. I do not understand people who hate on it. The script is dry and tight – unlike sex, that’s a good thing with comedy… and  it’s hysterical. AND It’s full of hot boys, singing great songs. I mean. Enough said.

Now, my dear best friend @LaurenMac3 sent me this link below: A little boy, dancing and singing like Blaine from The Warblers in Glee.

Just watch it. Even if you don’t like Glee, this kid is GREAT!

He’s Asian American, as one Youtuber commented: He’s like the love child between Mike Chang and Blaine Anderson. (Gleek lol)

I want to high-five him, low-five him and baby-five him.

And his mom, for encouraging him – filming it – putting it on YouTube… hell, for BIRTHING him. *HIGH FIVE!*


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